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First announced in August 2000 the Avenger is one of the early Microsoft Smartphone prototypes.

Little is known about this device apart from it was a fairly small and compact device for it's age.

Running and early version of the Stinger operating system which we know today as the Windows Mobile Smartphone edition 2002. The display is a 170 x 220 pixel grey scale. It was presumed the grey scale option was an example of a more economical device unlike the more expensive 65k colour screens.

ZDNet reported the device as :-

"The combination PDA and mobile phone is the latest horse in Microsoft's (msft) stable of specifications for devices, which also includes the Pocket PC platform and the soon-to-be released "feature" phone.
The device specifications, along with Microsoft's content and wireless tools, make up the key components in its wireless future."

SpecsHistorySoftwareIn the Box