HTC Feeler

(A.K.A. :- Dopod 575, i-mate SP3i, O2 Xphone II, Qtek 8020, Vodafone VD )

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Based on the Typhoon the Feeler is a redesign but with the same specifications. This model launched only a few months after it's counterpart.

The only real difference between the models is the controller, unlike the Typhoon the Feeler uses a joy stick rather than jog pad.

This model split the candy bar style camp on which controller was best. There was a definite divide between Typhoon and Feeler owners on which was the better design.

This design was not taken up by Orange who were busy working on the Hurricane, but T-Mobile and Vodafone were starting to take an interest and initially released this version in Germany.

SpecsHistorySoftwareIn the Box