(A.K.A. :- Sendo Z100 )

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The Sendo Z100 can technically be called the first Windows Powered Smartphone. This was the first phone designed to run with the new Windows Mobile operating system codenamed "Stinger". this Operating system evolved into what we know today as Windows Mobile 2002.

Originally the Z100 was shown to the press in February 2001 and Sendo planned to launch to the public in August 2001 and then delayed to the 1st quarter of 2002. unfortunately this never happened due to alleged software delays which then evolved into a bitter legal dispute with Sendo suing Microsoft claiming the Microsoft had given information taken from Sendo to HTC which enabled them to release their first Smartphone SPV in conjunction with Orange France. During this dispute Sendo was on the verge of bankruptcy and eventually Microsoft paid Sendo an undisclosed amount and they went their separate ways with Sendo moving to the Symbian operating system.

If the launch had taken place the Z100 would have been released more than a year earlier than the first HTC device the Canary which was initially released in November 2002 by Orange with the retail name of the SPV.

Interestingly some journalists claim that side by side the Z100 out performed the SPV.

SpecsHistorySoftwareIn the Box