HTC Faraday

(A.K.A. :- Cingular 2125, Orange C600 )

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Based on the Tornado the Feeler launched only a few months after it's counterpart.

The only real difference between the model apart from the housing is the lack of WiFi.

The lack of WiFi upset a lot of existing Orange Smartphone customers as WiFi is starting to become a given standard.

Cingular released their own version called the 2125, this had an additional hump at the top of the case. The reason for this is it has an extended antenna due to the USA having their transmitters spread out less densely than Europe for example.

Orange Holland released a special edition C600 called the Super Club. This was a white C600 that came in a special white leather cube and access to the Super Club site with ten free music tracks.

SpecsHistorySoftwareIn the Box