Motorola i930/i920

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The i930 was first announced in 2003 with an expected release date of 2004 this never materialised and the i930 finally saw the light of day in September 2005 after an excessively long delay. The phone was even originally intended to have the Smartphone 2002 OS. Another interesting point is the antenna is retractable and needs to be pulled out to make calls.

The only saving grace for the phone is that it uses iDEN which is a push to talk function. This is actually the first Smartphone to use Push to Talk.

The i920 has also been released with the only difference being the lack of a camera.

From an end user point of view the main problem with the phone is the application lock which prevents unsigned software from being installed. While this is technically a good feature it severely limits what the owner can do with the device to personalise with homescreens etc. Unlocking has become possible but only through the networks official sites and with the statement that the service could be reversed at any time.

SpecsHistorySoftwareIn the Box