Motorola MPX200

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The MPX200 is Motorola's first go at a Windows Smartphone. Initially released by Orange then shortly follwed by AT&T in the US. Much later on Vodafone in Holland released their own version.

While the overall build quality is very good there are a few design flaws. The internal antenna is very weak compared to other devices. The other fault if for game lovers. while the direction pad can move in diagonals the wiring of the keypad membrane means that it is impossible to move in a down left direction. This really spoils what would have been an excellent gaming device. There are a few other multipress issues but these were easily solved with redefining the keys.

One other annoying design was the SIM card holder, this constantly failed under normal use with the two small retaining clips breaking. THis caused the phone to not see the SIM but a quick fix was to use a small piece of paper between the battery and the SIM card to push the SIM onto it's contacts.

Another strange feature is that on phones supplied by AT&T these were released as Dual-band devices compared to the European models that were Tri-band. Some of the very early AT&T models could be flashed to enable the third band but which leads to the open debate about wether this is a hardware or software problem. From my understaning it is due to the chipset used in production.

SpecsHistorySoftwareIn the Box