HTC Typhoon

(A.K.A. :- Audiovox SMT5600, Dopod 565, Eurotel Smartphone 2, i-mate SP3, Krome iQ700, Orange C500, Qtek 8010, TSM520 )

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There has been a few updates for the Typhoon with people opting for the i-mate and Qtek ROMs over those produced by Orange or Audiovox.

The Audiovox was the first Typhoon to offer Windows Media Player 10, other devices had to wait for an update to become available.

The Typhoon was the first device to incorporate CID locking which was an attempt by manufacturers to stop users installing ROMs from other suppliers. As with SIM unlocking it did not take long for a workaround to be found.

Windows Mobile 5 has been leaked and with previous OS leaks it's not the finished version that suppliers ship with their own devices.


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SpecsHistorySoftwareIn the Box