Motorola MPX200

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There has never been an official ROM released for the MPX200 but there are plenty of hacked variants about.

A test version of Mobile 2003 was given to a few AT&T device owners at a confrence but soon after someone hacked this and it was then released the Cartman ROM by a German author and briefly hosted by The name Cartman was given because the bootscreen image was changed from the Moto Flower to Cartman from the cartoon series SouthPark. Since then there has been many varients of this one ROM but because they are untested anyone installing them will do so at their own risk.

More recently WM5 has also been leaked.


These are known ROMs but please do not email me asking for the location as I will not link to sites hosting these questionable files.

2002 ROMs

2003 ROMs


2005 ROMs

SpecsHistorySoftwareIn the Box